Altered State: Sponsorships

September 21, 2018 / General
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Altered State: Sponsorships

These days, if you don't tell your own story, someone else is likely happy to tell it for you. And that's the sort of thing that has kept clients coming back to me for years. A good branding strategy includes the guts to write your own story and keep it out in front of constituents and stakeholders. 

That's what makes Altered State a unique proposition. I learned back when making In The Wake Of Giants, a film about humpback whale disentanglement, that you're nothing without the collaboration of your subject matter experts. My goal in any of these documentary efforts is to protect and promote good story-telling. That means helping even opposing views to be expressed in the most coherent and truthful way possible. It's only good for the audience if I help each "player" in the film to be their absolute best on camera. 

So when I am looking for branding partners - those in this new green economy - to come alongside and sponsor the film, it's important that we all agree on the core message of the story. In this case, that message is:

California's natural resources are at risk as a new wave of marijuana cultivators (both legitimate and illegitimate) make their way onto public lands and private property adjacent to important habitats.

I'm shamelessly looking for sponsor partners to come alongside and financially back this effort. If you know of an individual, or a company that is uniquely poised to come alongside this effort, please download or forward this sponsor package, and make an introduction. I'd love to talk with them!!