Join the fight to protect California's natural resources.

Altered State Trailer


Altered State is a feature length documentary currently under development by award-winning producer/director, Lou Douros. The film explores the importance of responsible cannabis cultivation in California.

There is a small handful of growers that have pursued licensing and subjected themselves to state regulations, most of them continuing their current best practices of organic, sustainable agriculture. The vast majority of growers continue to produce and sell through illegal, black market channels. Those operating outside the law, from backyard gardeners to large trespass growers, are a threat to fragile ecosystems, endangered species, and above all, clean water.

Altered State has the support of the conscientious cannabis industry growers, and law enforcement alike. Lou has forged collaborative relationships with key subject matter experts across all perspectives.

"Today’s Californians will forever be remembered as the cannabis generation that either saved our environment… or let it slip through their fingers.”