Expanding the Production Team

August 26, 2019 / General
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Expanding the Production Team

Some big news this morning. John Nores, LT (Retired) California Fish and Wildlife Special Operations warden has agreed to join me and John Northrup on the producer's team for Altered State. Both gentlemen offer superb expertise in their particular disciplines; John Nores as a law enforcement and drug-related crimes expert, and John Northrup as a visual story-teller. 

Mr. Nores and I have been meeting for the past two years. His guidance has helped me understand the many ways law enforcement views the cannabis industry in profound ways. As John wrapped up his tenure with California State Fish and WIldlife, he moved swiftly to publish his latest book, The Hidden War, (Amazon), which is an inside look at how special operations game wardens are reclaiming America's wildlands from the drug cartels. John's knowledge of the inner workings of both sides of the story is a perfect fit for the work we're doing with Altered State

John Northrup and I will continue to develop the look and feel of the film. We're digging deep into this urgent story, and talking with conscientious growers and law enforcement alike to expose the many ways drug trafficking organizations from multiple countries, corrupt landowners, and even private citizens contribute to the sometimes irreparable damage unregulated cultivation is leveling on our fragile ecosystems. 

Lt Nores was featured today on The Joe Rogan Experience for a two-hour podcast. He dove deeply into stories from his career, much of which is captured in the book. But, the work is far from over. Since John retired in late 2018, the drug trafficking organizations continue to thrive. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, in fact, the truth comes out - marijuana's black market is performing better than anyone expected after legalization. Both Nores and Northrup will work with me as we continue to film the activities some of these environmental criminals in real time. 

We are in the process of diving into some other amazing, eye-opening discoveries we've encountered where California's own law-makers have actually gotten in the way of growers - and law enforcement - as both communities surprisingly combat the common enemy... if the environment is our damsel in distress, anyone that harms her for personal gain is a very clear villian.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes news.