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June 14, 2019 / General
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Call To Action

I've been asking a question a lot lately. "How will we describe safe public lands to future generations?" I'm convinced that heavily-armed drug trafficking organizations are making it more and more dangerous to hike, hunt, camp, and fish in our national, state, and county lands. Were it not for law enforcement, I believe in five years these deadly squatters would make it impossible to set foot on public land.

I've been developing a friendship with members of a special enforcement unit with the Butte County Sheriff's Department. I have the highest respect, and feel the deepest gratitude that they, and others like them, are fighting to keep our lands... well, "ours". We've already started filming some of their work in recapturing the land that's been left-for-dead by the DTO's that occupy them.

The other question I have asked recently was in the Altered State Teaser: "Will today's marijuana culture save California or let it slip through their fingers?

Consiencious growers and consumers make up a small and growing, but compelling story of prevention. I also have been developing a friendship with the DEM certified regenerative growers. I have only the highest respect for these farmers that look for ways to actually improve the land they're working. If only every grower would adopt the practices proven by groups like Dragonfly Earth Medicine (DEM Certified). The one-two-punch for saving California from the bad actors in the woods is "Reaction" and "Prevention". Law enforcement reacts. Regenerative farming promotes best practices to keep the water and soil at its best. 


But to make Altered State, we need the financial support of generous sponsors. You'll find a link below to my sponsor/investor pitch deck.

You may know of potential sponsor with anything from $5,000 to $500,000. Please put them in touch with me. I, and my team, are filming as we can, on our own time. But to make this film work, we need to move more quickly, and that costs something.

I hope we're one reason our kids and grandkids will be able to use the land those they've been given.